Independence Redefined

Across the country, ODs are getting their purpose back. HG Vision brings simplified processes, with effective management to be a true teammate in delivering the best care to patients. At the end of the day, it’s about more than your practice. It’s about your purpose in life. Let’s get your time back so you can live your life!

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It’s All About Balance

What does success as an eyecare professional look like to you?

Our partners believe success can mean many things.

Reaching more patients.
Achieving stronger annual revenues.
Freedom from weekend hours.
Experiencing longer vacations.
Quality time with your children.
Confidently setting the plan for your retirement.

Whatever you can dream; let HG Vision create it with you.

Hey, We've Got an Idea

Welcome to a new way to get the most out of your practice. You’ve dedicated your life to building something amazing. We’d like to share a concept with you: Independence AND support. This team approach allows the owner to pursue their passions; in and outside of the business itself.


HG offers busy practice owners a systemized plan; a playbook for optimizing your practice. This includes the services every office needs for efficiencies and functionality but leaves the owner to decide on what their practice represents to their community and their patients.

Sharing Responsibility

We achieve success together. You don’t have to go it alone. HG Vision has been partnering with practices across the country as a vested, caring partner in practice success. When sharing the responsibility, you can rest assured that things get done.

Your Unique Message

HG Vision supports and cultivates the brand that makes you unique. We go shoulder to shoulder with practice owners to take your messaging, and provide the necessary support that enables you to live your life as you envision it.

“It’s not just talk. We really do put owners first. We support them and guide them to THEIR success. It’s incredibly moving to see these people get control of their business, and get back to living their life and pursue their passions.”

Joe Colucci
CEO – HG Vision

It All Starts With a Vision

Our vision is about more than just eye care. Our vision is to make a difference to you and those you reach. Our intention is to make your professional journey smoother and your business ambitions come to life. To make you feel valued and to be there during the tough times as well as the good. The industry is always changing; your dreams don’t have to…


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Our Partners Trust Us.

And we take that seriously.

“They Get Me”

“Carrollwood Optical is an institution the previous physicians cultivated with their attention to patient care and loyalty to their community. I’ve had the good fortune to relieve those doctors upon their retirement. Bringing twenty-four years of experience to the Carrollwood landmark and partnered with HG Vision, I will be able to provide optimal patient care. HG Vision affords the staff support and expansion to the scope of practice. This collaboration allows more comprehensive family eye care – pediatrics to geriatrics, routine eye as well as ocular disease. We look forward to the evolving relationship with the patients and the community.”

Rebecca Sims, OD 

Carrollwood Optical

“Become a True Partner”

“I encourage any optometrist who is considering bringing on a partner to start a conversation with HG Vision. Whether your goal is to enlist the resources for business expansion, to put the mechanism in place for an eventual exit strategy, or simply to offload administrative headaches these are the folks with the resources and know-how to take you to that next level. Perhaps more importantly HG Vision isn’t just looking to invest in independent optometric practices; they are looking to form long term partnerships to help preserve and support our offices so that we can continue to thrive in business while providing the best possible care for our patients. Independent optometrists have a true ally in HG Vision.“

Greg McGrew, OD

Eyecare Center of Leesburg